This spring, start your own Cottage Garden Potpourri by simply drying petals to create a special blend of summer's bounty. Begin by collecting faded tulip petals, then continue throughout the warmer months gathering roses, herbs, and flowers with plenty of leaves till the growing season's end.  By September, you will have a beautiful palette of dried flowers and leaves.  Once the potpourri has matured, add a fragrant oil to a fixative, such as orris root or wood shavings, then mix thoroughly with the dried petals.  Your home will be filled with fragrant reminders of summer all season long....and just remember your signature potpourri makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.  Here are three easy tips to create a good potpourri medley.


Dry flowers and leaves throughout summer to create a colorful mixture (any amount to fill a bowl).

Add essential oil (such as lavender, rose, patchouli, or combination) to enhance the potpourri's aroma. 

Use a fixative root or wood shaving to hold the scent of oil longer.

Let the blooms begin,