Over the course of winter, I have been on a quest to demonstrate the sophisticated beauty of dried flowers.  My greatest inspiration came from the techniques and principles of the 18th Century, particularly the American Colonial Era.  This artful display, shown in the above photo, is the last of my permanent decor accents to be presented this season.  So without further ado, the process of growing, gathering, and drying everlastings starts again, and I will begin showcasing fresh flowers arrangements as spring lets on...stay tuned!

Here's a little bit about the piece: A ceramic bowl holds short stemmed flowers resting among a bed of greens for a pleasing table centerpiece. The greens consist of dried lemon leaves, mugwort, and foxtails which were gathered in their prime and dried in a hot attic to hold their color. A delicate wisp of neutral grass drapes over the edge of a Duncan Phyfe table suggesting movement and flow.  If you would like to change the color palette, simply switch out the yarrow and cockscomb with suitable materials to match your room's setting.

A house becomes a home when there is a fire for warmth, food for thought, and flowers for the soul.

Live artfully everyday,