For hundreds of years, willow has been a favorite weaving material for basket making. With just a few braches of creek willow gathered on my morning walk, I was able to make this basket for carrying herbs and flowers.  Free-form basketry, constructed with non-commercial materials, is a unique and simple method for any skill level....below are a few pictures of the basket and my weaving style.

As you can see, handcrafted baskets designed with rustic materials can become lovely table statements and useful pieces for showcasing garden herbs, spring bulbs, or a variety of things.  They can also be used for carrying fresh botanicals from the garden to the drying attic, or my favorite, transporting herbs from the garden to kitchen table.  I always keep a basket near the stove for last minute herb clipping.  

Nothing is too difficult when you think outside the box.  Even a time-consuming activity such as weaving can be transformed into a 30 minute endeavor.  By considering form, materials, and construction you can make all sorts of useful basketry in no time.

Perhaps this post will spark some ingenuity in your day.