Now is the time to gather rose hips.  Silhouetted against gray skies, the bright red berries cluster together on thorny vines along stoney fence rows and woodland edges. Rose Hips are the perfect addition to holiday greens. They tend to dry on the stem without dropping off, unlike holly berries. Here are a few gathering tips:


Wear leather gloves and long sleeves to protect hands and forearms from briars.

Take along garden scissors or small pruners to cut stems.

Cut stems as long as possible for more designing options.

A basket or grain sack is helpful in carrying the thorny bouquet back to the house.

The Multiflora Rose can be invasive and so over picking is never a concern.

Extra berries can be made into a winter Rose Hip Tea that is packed full of vitamin C for fighting colds.

When we embrace the natural world around us, we find plenty of materials right at our backdoor for  our homes and health.

Let nature sing,