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Yellow dock is a native of Europe and has now naturalized in the United States. It can be found growing in almost every state across this country. Its tall spikes of seeds are often spotted along country roads and wayside meadows. For decades I have used the seed head in arrangements and home decor statements but have recently found the root to be especially good for health. 

The roots, like dandelion and burdock, help to improve acne, headaches, and constipation caused by a sluggish digestive system. It promotes the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder and the absorption of nutrients and minerals. Yellow dock is used as a natural remedy for treating anemia, poor hair, fingernail, and skin disorders.  

My daughter and I have been drinking this tea for several weeks and have already seen positive results.  Most of us would benefit from learning more about the liver and its importance to our health. I highly recommend doing some research before using this natural remedy.

These days, before tossing yellow dock on the compost heap, I'll remove the roots for drying and the seedpods for designing.  Here are a few tips for drying the roots and brewing a healthy tea:


Dig as much of the tap root as possible. They can be hard to extract from the soil.  Trim and remove the green leaves from the roots.  Place unwashed roots in a wicker basket and store in a dry shed or attic until needed.


Rinse and wash only the roots you need for the brew.  Chop root in one inch chunks and boil several pieces rapidly for one hour.  Add mint leaves, if desired, to help mask the bitter flavor.

Learning to value weeds,