The woods are ever changing.  With the leaves gone from the trees, the forest is open and wild vines are clearly visible. I've been gathering Greenbriar of late. The berry pods and leaves stay attached to the vine even when dried which makes for an attractive and unusual wreath; however, the thorns make it very difficult to harvest, and I normally return with cuts and scratches. Even though this prickly material is hard to work with, the end result creates a very unique statement piece.  


Always were leather gloves and protective clothing when working with thorny vines.

Take a grain sack or plastic grocery bag for small gleanings such as moss, pinecones, and acorns. You'll be glad you did. 

Wear proper footwear depending on the weather.

The process of gathering provides a decent physical workout in a peaceful setting while energizing one's health.  I have always found gathering to be a good excuse to get outdoors and get some fresh air...not to mention, it provides a great diversion from the computer after a busy work day. 

In nature we discover ourselves. 
In gathering we discover nature.