The cold days of January beckon me to the drying loft to survey the flowers and leaves tucked away from last summer.  These photos show some of the dried materials used in creating centerpieces inspired by the Della Robbia Medallion and Hogarth Curve.  I find that harvesting materials at the proper time is as important as having a drying room or closet to store them.  Taking note of the many dried materials used in these designs will enable you to plan ahead for next year in gathering and drying some materials of your own.

Oak leaves, pick in mid summer, retained their green color.  They have a waxy surface that enables them to hold up to handling after being dried.  Hops add fresh scent and color with tender vines that keep their shape and integrity in a table centerpiece.

Wheat, rye, barley, and sorghum when picked just before maturity dry extremely well with good color and seed retention. Many wild grasses can be harvested and used in place of farm grains.  Most table medallions utilize hardy oak leaves, dried flowers, pods, and grains. Gathering and drying your own material is the best assurance that you will have a good supply for crafting and designing.

Give it a try,