This Bittersweet & Greenbriar Wreath combines my two favorite native vines of Pennsylvania. The yellow leaves and red berries of the bittersweet add color and texture to the piece while the wispy  greenbriar adds depth.  It captures the wild freedom of the changing seasons.  A wreath of this nature cannot be found in commercial stores because of its thorns and delicate berries that make it difficult to work with. I on the other hand, find these elements to be the most appealing because they add a bit of realism to home decor, and far out weigh the beauty of artificial berries and botanicals.

This wreath can also be used as a beautiful centerpiece. Simply place it on a table and then fill its center with colorful gourds and miniature pumpkins.  Add a little wild style to your autumn decor and set yourself free!

Nature fuels originality and creativity,