I always welcome the cold days of January when I go to my drying loft and take down the dried-flower bunches that were gathered at the peak of summer. This Colonial Style Centerpiece was introduced in yesterday's Home Accents Post, and with proper care will last for many years.  Its sweet aroma triggers thoughts of warmer days clipping in the garden and fields.  Here are some pictures of my time creating in the studio.

A glimpse of Louise B. Fisher's Winter Arrangement comprised of dried flowers and leaves from her book An Eighteenth-Century Garland. 

A collection of Milk Glass vases used for creating arrangements.  Their shape and form is similar to posy holders, bricks, and stemmed vases used in Colonial Williamsburg. 

A table filled with dried hops, tansy, pennycress, oak leaves, foxtails, nigella pods, cockscomb and various field grasses are waiting to be used for designing as the afternoon sun shines brightly through the window making a cozy environment to work (or play) in.  The wood stove is burning with a steaming hot tea kettle in my midst...it's good to be working on a cold winter afternoon.