When summer begins to wane, I feel compelled to bring the beauty of the garden indoors for winter enjoyment. Instead of hanging herb bunches to dry in the attic today, I clustered the fresh clippings on a grapevine base to create this herbal wreath. After drying in a hot attic for about a week, this Everlasting Garden Wreath will be ready to be displayed on a door or used as a table centerpiece.

Garden herbs can be a riot of clashing colors that would make us shudder if used in such combinations for clothing or interior design.  Choosing foliage and flowers for an herbal wreath can be a wonderful opportunity to be daring and unconventional.  

Life is celebrated in flowers. While in the garden, don't forget to collect some seeds for next season's planting and remember to dry some flowers for pleasant summer reminders on chilly winter days. 

Live beautifully,