Queen Anne's Lace is an herbal weed with many healing benefits for woman. A handful of fresh leaves made into a tea is cleansing for the liver and beneficial for the kidney, bladder, and menstrual problems. The leaves have porphyrins which help the pituitary gland release increased levels of hormones. As a word of caution, pregnant women should not drink this tea as it can cause miscarriages. Gout sufferers may want to eat the leaves raw on their salads along with other greens.

Queen Anne's tea can be made with fresh root or leaves. Gather and dry the leaves throughout the summer or dig the root in the fall for a winter supply. Here is my method for brewing this healing tea.

If using the roots, simmer for 20 minutes

Steep 5 to 10 minutes

Strain, sweeten and drink

1 tsp. dried leaves 

1 cup boiling water

WARNING: This tea is helpful for encouraging a delayed menstruation. 
Pregnant women should not drink this tea as it can cause miscarriages.

CAUTION: See comment below for look alike plants in this family that are poisonous. I personally feel that if you know the smell of wild carrot or queen anne's lace there is no mistaking it.  

DISCLAIMER: Please consult your physician before using this remedy.  Before utilizing these herbs research them to make sure they will not harm your body chemistry.  There are no guarantees for the performance or effectiveness of this remedy.  Herbs can have different effects on everyones health...please proceed with caution. 

For me, this tea is summer in a cup. When drinking it, I am transported to summer fields and warm afternoons of gathering leaves and wildflowers.

Enjoying the healing benefits of herbs,