Burdock is a common backyard weed with many medicinal properties. It balances emotional stress and hormones by supporting the liver and cleansing the blood. My favorite way to partake in this herb's healing powers is by drinking a simple root tea. When taken regularly, Burdock is known to slow tumor growth, cleanse the liver, eliminate all kinds of skin issues, and aid in the relief of constipation. 

I usually scavenge for Burdock during the fall.  No matter how determined or good you are with a shovel, Burdock roots are not easily eradicated from the soil.  They usually have a long tap root burrowing for miles (it seems) into the ground.  Occasionally, you can remove the entire system from the soil.  When boiling a tea, an earthy potato-like aroma fills the kitchen which is why it is referred to as the "poor man's potato."  Below is my method for making this healing tea. 


Dig roots in the late summer or early fall.  Chop and dry for winter tea - rinse just before boiling.


1 tsp. of dried root per 1 cup of water.  Boil 10 to 15 minutes.  Strain and sweeten.


1 cup - taken 3 times a day.  Add nettle for extra health benefits.

DISCLAIMER: Before utilizing these herbs, research them to make sure they will not harm your body chemistry.  There are no guarantees for the performance or effectiveness of this remedy.  Herbs can have different effects on everyones health...please proceed with caution and consult your physician before using this remedy. 

Enjoying the goodness of backyard herbs,