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Starting in early spring, herbal wildflowers and leaves are gathered during the summer months for making a delicious tea to discourage winter blahs and the feeling of depression on cloudy days.  A cup of freshly brewed wildflower tea is a reminder of summer afternoons spent gathering wild herbs and berries in the warm sunshine.  It always lifts my spirits.

The Wildflower Tea Stash is a great gift when presented in pretty jars with tags indicating location & date of collection,  recipe & instructions, and a list of wildflowers included in the stash.  Any combination of flowers makes an excellent herbal tea. Simply combine dried herbs in late summer and store in mason jars.  See the flower list and tea instructions below and begin drying your stash.


Calendula flowers

Woodruff flowers and leaves

Thyme flowers and leaves

Peppermint leaves

Yarrow - just a few leaves picked in the sun

Mullein flowers -Picked in the sun

St. John's Wort flowers - picked in the sun

Organic Rose petals of any color

Coltsfoot flowers

Cowslip flowers

Violets flowers and leaves

Longwort flowers

Wood Sorrel flowers

Stinging Nettle - early spring shoots

Lady's Mantel flowers and leaves



1 heaping teaspoon of flower herbs.  1 cup of boiling water.  Infuse for several minutes and enjoy

Tea is best when shared with others.
Stay thirsty my friends,