Orris root is a scent fixative in potpourri and herbal crafts.  For many years,  I purchased this fixative from herb shops until I realized that Orris Root, is actually the name given to dried Iris Rhizomes.  Now days, when dividing my Iris plants, I dry several rhizomes to use in herbal scented projects. Here is my simple method for preparing Orris Root Fixative.

ORRIS ROOT FIXATIVE | Potpourri Sachets Soaps

Divide Iris rhizomes in late summer or early fall.  Clean roots with a vegetable brush (use water if necessary but drying time will be longer).  Slice thin shavings with a knife or kitchen shredder.  Place rhizome shavings in a warm attic to dry.  Store shavings (fixative) in a sealed jar until ready to add essential oils or use in scented herbs.  Orris root retains scent for many years.  Use Orris Root fixative in aromatic potpourri and repellant household sachets.

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