I discovered Club Moss in the woods recently and was delighted to learn about the many healing benefits of another wild herb. This plant is worth researching if you suffer from liver problems, urinary and kidney complaints, gout and rheumatism, or foot and leg cramps. The long rambling root systems of this evergreen moss can be found growing under fir trees on northern slopes in moist damp soil. 

Maria Treben, one of Europe's greatest herbal healers, speaks very highly of Club Moss. Her friend, Dr. Weinmeiester, told a story about his friend who had extreme foot cramps while walking in the mountains. The doctor tightened a long root of Club Moss around the patient's ankle and in a moment, the cramp released and the foot was straightened. A medical specialist later told Dr. Weinmeiester, after relaying his story to him, that the healing properties are due to the radium in the plant.  

As a remedy for leg cramps, the Club Moss is simply placed in a sock then tied around the calf.  
A pillow filled with moss may be more convenient and comfortable for those who suffer with ongoing leg pain.


Gather Club Moss: check protection laws in your area and glean respectfully to maintain supply. Dry moss in a warm room for a day or two (It dries quickly). After dried, stuff moss into a pillow sleeve.


Apply to the aching area overnight. This pillow will retain its healing effect for about a year.


 It is most important to use good judgement and become as knowledgeable as possible before ingesting or using wild plants for medicinal purposes. This blog is to bring awareness to plants with healing properties.

Enjoying the healing power of herbs,