The Friendly Road by David Grayson is one of my favorite books.  Its pages are rich with Grayson's wisdom about living a contented life.  One facet of his text I cannot deny is his belief that everyone needs a little mystery in life - or something to divert us from the ordinary and mundane routines of life.  So without further ado here is Grayson's words to attest.   

"Now, I usually prefer the little roads, the little, unexpected, curving, leisurely country roads. The sharp hills, the pleasant deep valleys, the bridges not too well kept, the verdure deep grown along old fences, the houses opening hospitably at the very roadside, all these things I love. They come to me with the same sort of charm and flavour, only vastly magnified, which I find often in the essays of the older writers—those leisurely old fellows who took time to write, REALLY write. The important thing to me about a road, as about life—and literature, is not that it goes anywhere, but that it is livable while it goes. For if I were to arrive—and who knows that I ever shall arrive?—I think I should be no happier than I am here."

Cuddle up with a warm throw and read the entire book here

The unexpected detours in life may be the beginning of a great adventure. 

Live in the moment,