Mugwort and Goldenrod grow freely along the highways of Pennsylvania, and come into full maturity during early September.  They make a striking dried flower bouquet when combined.  Here is my process for creating this Rustic Goldenrod & Mugwort Arrangement.

Mugwort is from the Artemisia family of plants.  It has silver green leaves and delicate plumes with a pleasant herbal scent, which makes it a perfect plant to bring indoors.  Cut Mugwort into bunches and remove leaves from lower stems for better air circulation during the drying process. For easier gathering, I planted Mugwort in my herb garden (shown above). Now cut a similar amount of Goldenrod stems and let dry. Mugwort and Goldenrod can be dried hanging or standing upright in a wooden crate.  Make sure to dry them in a hot attic or shed. 

After cutting and drying the two large bunches of Goldenrod and Mugwort, I put them  into an old crate and accented it with three feathers.  See how easy it is to make a stunning arrangement with little effort.

Take a walk and maybe you can find Mugwort in your area.  Autumn is the perfect time for drying plants for winter decor.

Have fun creating,