I keep a jar of Spearmint Tea in the fridge all summer long.  A staple at family picnics and reunions, it's a favorite drink of many folks in this farming valley.  Mountain Tea, Catnip Tea, and Meadow Teas are naturalized plants in Pennsylvania and can be found where creeks and rivers flow.  I think wild teas  have a more intense flavor compared to hybrid varieties grown in green houses (in which case, more tea is needed for a stronger brew).


10 Stems of Spearmint
1/2 Gallon of Water

To make a half gallon of spearmint tea,  I cut 10 stems of fresh Spearmint about 10 inches long.  My tea kettle holds a half gallon of water.   As the water comes to a boil, I rinse the tea to get rid of the bugs or grass clippings then cluster the stems with a rubber band and place in the boiling water.

After boiling several minutes I turn off the heat and let the tea leaves steep for several hours.  This makes a strong mint concentrate.  When cool, strain the liquid into a half gallon jar and compost the wilted stems.  Add sugar or honey to taste.  Serve it chilled in pint jars with fresh tea leaves and cracked ice.