A steaming cup of mint tea warms the spirits on a cold winter's afternoon.   In my opinion, dried tea from my garden is far superior to any commercial brand.  Maybe the rich aroma and flavor is because I fill the tea bags with more leaves than the store-bought bags. Why skimp when you don't need to?

Mint tea has grown on my property for generations.  Spearmint tea, planted by the women who toiled the soil before me, thrives under the raspberry bushes surrounding the smoke house.  Mountain tea flourishes on the powerline and in the woods behind the house.   It doesn't make sense (or cents) to buy mint tea when I have a fresh supply of my own available but that is exactly what I did for many years.   I bought the Boston Mint Tea in little metal cans until one day I realized how easy it was to make my own tea bags.  

This sustainable resource, for both hot and cold beverages, can be enjoyed during winter days by drying the leaves in a few simple steps.  Clip fresh tea stems 0n a sunny afternoon and hang in a warm place like an attic or dark closet.  When dry, remove leaves and fill tea bags purchased at specialty shop or on-line.  A box of 100 bags cost only a few dollars.  The tea bags keep their oils and minty aroma if stored in glass jars with lids. The longer you steep the tea the stronger the flavor.

Come and share a pot of tea.
My home is warm and my friendship's free.