Parsley, dill, chives, and thyme are still thriving in my kitchen garden outside.  Knowing that these hardy plants will soon succomb to the dropping temperatures, I clipped several herb bunches to preserve for winter cooking and to make some Bouquet Garni.  These little herb bundles are wonderful hostess gifts.  I'll show you how to construct them in the photos below.

The French term, Bouquet Garni, refers to a small bundle of herbs infusing a mild aromatic flavor to savory foods.  These herb bunches may be used either fresh or dried to enhance the taste of  roasts, stews, and soups.  They are especially good in chicken recipes.  


  1. Clip a mixture of herbs such as parsley, chive, thyme, sage, and dill.
  2. Tie the bundle together with cotton string leaving some extra length for hanging to dry and retrieving from the cooking pot.
  3. Use Bouquet Garni fresh or hang to dry for later.

Remember, any combination of herbs may be bundled together.  The purpose is to preserve whatever is growing and available in the garden.  In my opinion, fresh herbs from the garden are far superior to the ones purchased at the store.  

Dried herb bundles may be stored in jars with lids up to 6 months.   For gift giving, I place a coffee filter over a wide-mouth jar and label with a felt pen.  And just remember, A jar with incredibly aromatic Bouquet Garnis is a thoughtful gift for friends and relatives during the holidays.