Since the Yuletide Season seems to creep closer and closer each year, I decided to make this Thanksgiving centerpiece with a touch of Christmas cheer. Handsome turkey feathers add playful drama to this fan-shaped teasel design while green boxwood and red rose hips allude to a traditional holiday look. Create a cozy fireplace mantle or deck the foyer halls with this Natural Fan Statement Piece. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or inviting the family over for New Year’s Eve, this arrangement will last all season long and remain beautiful throughout the winter months.


Boxwood, Rose hips, and Teasel

Now is the time to collect supplies for creating beautiful, long-lasting holiday decorations. Instead of using artificial greens this Christmas, we suggest using fresh Boxwood for its long-lasting color and strength to withstand indoor heat and outdoor winter elements, unlike most pines that shed needles long before the holidays are over. Boxwood adds a traditional-classic appeal to each arrangement style while Teasel and Rose Hips add color and texture for an eclectic and fresh take on Christmas Decor. Teasel and Rose Hips, like Boxwood, have longevity appeal and remain beautiful all season long.

This December we will debut Five Natural Holiday Arrangements designed with Boxwood, Teasel, and Rose Hips.

Learn how to make this ensemble of arrangements right now by grabbing a copy of our Holiday 2015 Tutorials.

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