"Spreading Merriment Throughout the Land"

Handmade decorations have a charm and elegance that no amount of mass-produced glitter can equal. Crafting boxwood spheres is one of those old-time holiday traditions enjoyed by all ages. Although spheres look difficult to make, they are really quite easy to master. Complete instructions are available in our Holiday 2015 Tutorials.

Holiday Spheres allude to the form of French Topiars, a very classic element of timeless floral design. This Teasel Sphere (shown above) presents a refreshing twist on the traditional look of boxwood spheres. Slender taper candles and brass table fixtures add grandeur to the overall centerpiece. Although I displayed mine on a candlestick, spheres can be hung with ribbon in varying lengths both indoors and out.

An afternoon spent crafting with Christmas greens brings the family together, from youngest to oldest, in a mutual fun-filled activity. The labor and time invested pays big dividends in beautiful decorations that bring a sense of  nostalgia to your home decor while creating family memories for the future. 

Glad tidings to all,