Today I harvested an array of root vegetables, squash and pumpkins. Early and late-season crops continue to lengthen the window for gardening and harvesting produce. On daily walks, I stuff my pockets with hickory nuts, walnuts, tree bark, and wild roots. Sprigs of bittersweet, barberry, and sumac berries find a place on sheds and front gates around the property celebrating the harvest season.

If you regularly purchase natural decorations from a local farmer's market, you may want to consider preserving them instead of throwing them away after Thanksgiving.  This saves both time and money the next season. Indian corn, nuts, gourds, wheat, sorghum and bittersweet can all be dried and used over and over again for many years. 


Store naturally dried materials in a critter-safe & dust-proof container. Place them in a dry attic or garage. Add a few peppermint tea bags or cedar chips to help deter moths, mice, and chipmunks. Check periodically. I seldom have a problem but I know plenty of others who do.  It mainly depends on the climate and conditions of your keeping room.


Never take for granted the bountiful provisions of nature,