Foraging for Berries by the water's edge.

As leaves turn golden and disappear off the trees, a stark landscape emerges only to accentuate the fruit-laden vines and shrubs.  A colorful tapestry of berries is woven through the trees and hedgerows especially near the creeks and rivers of Pennsylvania.

Gathering by the water is always a forager's delight. The damp soil is prime for hardy herbs and sweet berries. In less that an hour I had armfuls of beautiful berry branches, Spicebush leaves and twigs, Bittersweet vine, Nettle stems and plenty of inspiration.

Seeing the natural pattern and order of things in nature inspires my creativity. Spending time outdoors  energizes the body, refuels the mind, and encourages feelings of positivity and well-being. Whatever we believe in our heart and think about in our mind affects our ability to imagine and thus create.

 I'll display what I made from this gathering excursion tomorrow.

Let's be inspired to create,