It was a picture-perfect day. One of those lingering days of warm sunshine, sapphire skies, and flaming autumn foliage. I was able to escape the "to do list" and head to a dear friend's property to gather herbs by the river. Sunbeams danced through swaying trees, water cascaded over glistening rocks, and leaves rustled in the scented breeze. 

Days like these are to be cherished. They are few and far between. To participate in nature's brief seasonal changes, one must forfeit the pressure of time and responsibilities to bask its fleeting moments. We must give ourselves permission to wonder life's trail. Joys abound everyday.

Tomorrow I'll be highlighting my gathering finds from this day. The beauty and usefulness of Autumn's Wild Berries has inspired this week's floral arrangement and herbal remedy...stay tuned.

 To see beauty in everything, helps us stay forever least at heart. 

Celebrate the beauty of daily life,