It is bittersweet when the garden season comes to an end. I enjoy the break from weeding and canning but miss the freshness of tasty summer herbs. One way to preserve these flavorful herbs is by an making infused-vinegar.

For years, I was mesmerized by this process and thought it had to be a complicated procedure. After giving it a try, I found making infused vinegars to be the easiest of all food preserving. In my opinion the key is a good vinegar. I prefer to use homemade apple cider vinegar because it is nutritious, has natural probiotics, and is overall good for your health. Here is my method for making herbal vinegar...



Pour 1 to 2 cups of vinegar (any kind) in a glass jar or bottle.

Place long stems of your favorite herb in the bottle and cap.

(Use approx. 1 cup of fresh herbs for every 2 cups of vinegar.)

Steep on counter top 4 to 6 weeks.

Remove or strain herbs from the vinegar.

Store in glass-corked bottles or jars at room temperature in a cool, dark place.


Dill and basil are my favorite flavors mostly for their versatility in cooking, but it's fun to experiment with all kinds of herbs. This year I combined a surprising medley of herbal flowers yet to be determined if successful. These herbal-infused vinegars are perfect for topping salads, cooked vegetables, or lettuce greens.

By the way, fresh organic herbs purchased locally can be used to make herbal vinegars too, so don't hesitate to give this method a try. And if you don't have access to a good homemade vinegar, try a store bought wine vinegar instead.

The incredible flavor of herbs can become an addicting adventure.

Try something new this weekend,