Do you know it is possible to create stunning home decor arrangements without flowers? 

After gathering a huge basket of Multiflora Rose Hips, I decided to design a centerpiece using hips as the main focus. Why not? I placed an oasis dry-foam brick in a pottery dish and inserted a layer of Hops Leaves around the rim before placing bunches of tiny Rose Hip stems in the center. Three stems of Sorghum complete the low flowing design. Composed of just Hops Leaves, Rose Hips, and Sorghum, these materials of simple elegance will dry naturally and remain pretty for several years.

Because I had other intentions for gathering Rose Hips, I removed them from the centerpiece and put them in the freezer for a winter stash of vitamin C written is yesterday's post. You can read more about that here.

If seeds of kindness spread as invasively as the Multiflora Rose, 

our world would be a more lovely place.